25 vials of 25 ml and 25 capsules

Food supplement

Product for healthy aging

NoAge products are based on repair programme, called “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence” (SENS) developed by Aubrey de Grey – biomedical gerontologist from Britain’s Cambridge University. The focus of his work in biogerontology (the study of the body’s aging process) is the development of a genuine treatment for aging.

5 steps to youth with NoAge

NoAge food supplements are developed to fight the ageing processes by reducing the damage that is occurring in our cells every day. NoAge offers a powerful complex of 5 product pairs in one package – each of them stop the different processes that cause ageing. NoAge package contains one month course.

NoAge pack contains 5 vials and 5 capsules with Antioxidation formula – one month course

Regular antioxidant supplementation prevents the body from “rusting”. NoAge Antioxidation formula contains a complex of highly effective antioxidants which together offer powerful, multi-action protection against a wide range of free radicals and oxidized proteins.

NoAge pack contains 5 vials and 5 capsules with Glycation control formula – one month course

NoAge reduces protein glycation or “caramelization” process by improving the metabolism of glucose and glycogen. Furthermore, it maintains normal synthesis and metabolism of proteins therefore reducing the formation of “glycated” proteins that accumulate in the cells and cause damage.

NoAge pack contains 5 vials and 5 capsules with Anti-inflammation formula – one month course

NoAge specifically fights chronic inflammation in the body, which causes a lot of damage and leads to diseases. Complex of active ingredients has anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits a number of different molecules involved in inflammation including COX-2 and leukotrienes. Moreover, NoAge helps to control inflammatory responses in the body that way strengthening body’s natural defense system.

NoAge pack contains 5 vials and 5 capsules with Cell therapy formula – one month course

One of the keys to stop cellular aging is found at the very heart of the cell, specifically in the telomeres that form the tips of the chromosomes. Telomeres are found at the tips of DNA strands and prevent the loss of genetic information resulting from the chromosome-shortening which occurs with each cell division. NoAge increases the activity and production of telomerase, an enzyme which reverses the process of telomere degradation, enabling the production and growth of telomeres as well as DNA repair.

NoAge pack contains 5 vials and 5 capsules with Immuno-activation formula – one month course

NoAge helps to improve the immune system – a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. NoAge also promotes the body’s ability to defend against germs and microorganisms, therefore preventing infections. Healthy immune system helps avoid infectious diseases and pathological conditions.